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Serving You Better

The Sutherland Beer & Wine Store was established with one mission: to serve Sutherland and Saskatoon's liquor needs by offering a wide selection of import and domestic beer, wine, coolers, and spirits at low prices.

We pride ourselves in the superior experience we offer our customers. Whether you are looking to try something new, pick up your favorite bottle, or place an order for an event, our knowledgeable and professional staff can help you with all of your liquor needs!


  • 20L Premium Kegs
    $140 Coors Original $180 Molson Ultra Michelob Ultra $195 Dos Equis $200 Stella Artois Heineken
  • 30L Premium Kegs
    $230 Original 16 Pale Ale Original 16 Copper Ale Original 16 Prairie White Great Western Radler 2.5 Big Rock Nebila Neipa Big Rock Grasshopper Kronenbbourg Blanc
  • 30L Domestic Kegs
    $180 Great Western Light Great Western Pilsner Big Rock Traditional Ale
  • 50L Premium Kegs
    $340 PBR $375 Heineken Strong Bow British Dry
  • 59L Premium Kegs
    $355 Original 15 Pale Ale Original 16 Copper Ale Coors Original Alexander Keith's IPA Blue Moon Labatt Blue Miller Light Shock Top Belgian White Brewhouse Draught $400 Michelob Ultra Miller Genuine Draft $435 Stella Artois
  • 59L Domestic Kegs
    $340 Coors Light Kokanee Kokanee Gold Molson Canadian Pilsner Budweiser Bud Light Bohemian Big Rock Grasshopper Big Rock Traditional Ale Alberta Genuine Draft
  • 20L Craft & Special Order Kegs
    $140 Vizzy Papaya Passionfruit Okanagan Crisp Apple Cider $160 Somersby Apple Cider (25L) $170 Twisted Tea Original
  • 30L Craft & Special Order Kegs
    $230 Granville Island Sunshine Coast Hefeweizen Granville Island Lion's Winter Ale Granville Island False Creek Peach Sour Granville Island English Bay Ale Granville Island Kitsilano Juicy IPA Granville Island Brockton West Coast IPA Granville Island Lager Great Western Small Batch Black Lager Hop Valley Bubble Stash Rock Creek Apple Cider Rock Creek Pear Cider Rock Creek Peach Cider
  • 50L Craft & Special Order Kegs
    $375 Banded Peak MicroBurst Hazy IPA Churchill British English Brown Ale Churchill Intrepid IPA Churchill Plainsman Pilsner Churchill Rivermen Red Ale Churchill Sundog Belgian White Guinness Hop House 13 Lager Guinness Pub Draught Harp Lager Hoegaarden Kilkenny Cream Ale New Castle Brown Ale Smithwick's Ale Stanley Park 1897 Amber Stanley Park Sunsetter Wheat Ale Stanley Park Trailhopper IPA Stanley Park Waypoint Rock Creek Apple Cider
  • 59L Craft and Special Order Kegs
    $340 Banded Peaks Mount Crushmore Banded Peaks Microburst Banded Peaks Plains Breaker Banded Peaks Southern Aspect Churchill Blonde Lager Churchill Lawnmower Yard Lager Hudson's Strawberry Blonde Rickard's Red


Pump $15 ($50 without Keg purchase)

Pail: $15


Keg $20

Pump $150

Pail: $50

Deposits will be refunded when the rentals are returned on time in clean and working order.

Contact the Sutherland Beer & Wine Store to reserve your keg today!

A minimum of 2 hours notice is required to prepare a keg we have in stock. If we don't have your keg selection on hand, it will take up to 9 days to bring the product into the store. 

Out of Stock Order Schedule

Monday - Pick Up Next Wednesday (9 Days)

Tuesday - Pick Up Next Wednesday (8 Days)

Wednesday- Pick Up Next Wednesday (7 Days)

Thursday- Pick Up Next Wednesday (6 Days)

Friday- Pick Up Wednesday (5 Days)

Saturday- Pick Up Wednesday (4 Days)

Sunday- Pick Up Wednesday (3 Days)

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Saskatoon's One Stop Liquor Shop

Whether you're looking to pick up a case of beer for the game, a bottle of wine for dinner, a pack coolers for the weekend, or your favourite bottle of the hard stuff to share with family and friends, we've got you covered! With a huge selection in-store and access to the entire SLGA catalogue, we're your one stop liquor shop!

We have partnered with Designated Delivery to bring home delivery to Saskatoon!


Want to place an order for pick up? If we have your order in stock, we'll get it ready for you to pick it up the same day. Orders that are not in stock will be available for pick-up in 4 - 10 days.


Contact us to place your order!



Out of Stock Order Schedule

Monday - Pick-Up Next Thursday (10 Days)

Tuesday - Pick Up Next Thursday (9 Days)

Wednesday- Pick Up Next Thursday (8 Days)

Thursday- Pick Up Next Thursday (7 Days)

Friday- Pick Up Thursday (6 Days)

Saturday- Pick Up Thursday (5 Days)

Sunday- Pick Up Thursday (4 Days)

Stop by our store to browse our wide selection of beer, wine,

coolers, and liquor, or reserve a product by phone or order online today!

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Mon - Sat:

9:30 am to Midnight


10 am to Midnight

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Contact Us

150 – 810 Central Ave
Saskatoon, SK
S7N 2G6


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